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resource post.

Alexx's resources -

I try to update every time I download a new texture so I don't forget, but if you notice me using something of yours and I haven't credited, please let me know so I can fix it. (:


Lost: | |
starDOM | extant | self-capped
messdestruction @ destruction_box
luux_lu @ coloured_skies

Star Trek: |
self-capped | killmotion


lidia_elf | yunhe | cookiestome | colourthehours | joyfulsong | winterlillies
crazydelight | ewanism | rhcp_csi | runawaytomars | paintedlullaby | hey_mixtape
mayush17 | xsleepingswanx | shalowater | aoi_sama896 | navras_rheya | _oluha_
kyoshitsu | welt_herrschaft | perquisites | soaked | insanefray | cooloring
ownthesunshine | innocent_lexys | prettybutt | messdestruction
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